“I have been in the management roll for over 15 years. I have used several tools for lead management. School CRM is very easy to use and informative tool that will help you manage calls, tours, lead follow up. You can generate reports to see where your leads are generating from, what classrooms you are getting calls from, and your conversion rates. The calendar feature is my favorite part I can quickly look at the calendar and see what follow up and tours I have for the day. School CRM is a very useful and easy to use application and I highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for an application to help manage follow ups.“ E. Koegel, School Director

"As an administrator in an early childhood education setting, I have found School CRM to be very effective in saving me time in tracking leads and inquiries. It allows me to track where leads are coming from, so that I can refine my marketing strategies. I am able to stay in frequent communication with prospective families, and know what documents they have received. It also enables me to have effective follow up. It is extremely functional, and user-friendly. I am grateful that with it, I never lose sight of an opportunity." L. Fichtel, Asst Director

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